Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Current events leading me into my future!

I am currently going to school to become a hairdresser!!! I started at Paul Mitchell the School Boise in August of 2010. I have entered a dream world where I feel as though I'm cheating somehow. Is school supposed to be so fun? I can't seem to get enough.

Through school I earned my way to Caper. (A HUGE Paul Mitchell event). I had a blast and learned new color techniques and haircuts. I got to meet some pretty amazing people and spent time with some favorite fellow classmates.
The owner of my school, Lou Starita, has been an inspiring mentor of mine. I feel so blessed and honored to be going to his school. He inspires me to be the best. Each of my learning leaders have taught me so much. Their positive, fun attitudes have taught me the most!

 My Future goals:
  • November 2011 Graduate From Paul Mitchell
  • Gain experience through assisting positions and working
  • Become a certified Make-up Artist
  • 2015 Obtain a Learning Leaders Certificate for Paul Mitchell Schools and teach.
  • Paul Mitchell Advanced Academy
  • 2020 Open my own Salon
  • 2020+ Own a Paul Mitchell School

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