Monday, July 23, 2012


What have I been up to since I graduated??? I got my Idaho cosmetology license in December of 2011. Then in January of 2012 my family and I moved to Kaneohe Hawai'i. We have had an amazing experience. Just for fun, I want to share a couple of our beach days with you.

 I studied for my Hawaii cosmetology exam and passed in May receiving my cos. license for Hawaii. Since my kids were out of school for the summer, we decided to enjoy Hawai'i and have had a lot of fun beach days! I had planned to start working as soon as they started school this fall.... but a career opportunity has come up for me! I have been offered a job at Paul Mitchell the School Boise as a learning leader! Yes, it is one of my goals. No, I didn't expect it so soon. I had that on my timeline for about So, moving forward in the direction I want to go in my career, I have accepted the offer and will begin working at the school in August! I also have a salon I want to work in on the side. I have some things to take care of before I announce the salon I have chosen to work in but I should have it all hammered out by September! I am so excited! I absolutely love the Paul Mitchell family and can't wait to get started! Luckily my family is all on board with the move back to Idaho ;)
I so appreciate their support!!!

Now it's time to see what hair I've been doing!
This is Gwen. She just moved to Waikiki and is wanting some cute beach hair. She has a little boy that keeps her runnin' so she doesn't have much time to spend on herself. She wanted something short, cute and easy. We decided to go shorter but with a little edge.
I cut her hair into an asymmetrical A line.

This is Tasheena. She had a work party with her hubby and wanted to look stunning! What could be better then some vintage waves??? I refreshed her color with some high and low lights
then rolled her up and brushed her out into her glamourous little self!  

This is Marlis. She wanted a good color refresher. She loves the rich chocolate tones so I bathed her hair in chocolate and look what happened!!!

This is Holly. She was in need of some vibrancy in her blond. I added some high and low lights. She has sooooo much pretty hair!!!

Here is little Rapunzel. She loves to do hair and wants to be a hair stylist when she grows up. She saw nothing wrong with taking the scissors to her own little locks and chopping of an entire section. I had the pleasure of giving her a cute little bob ;) Luckily her mom wasn't too devistated... She does have an adorable little face to go with her new style.